Micah (Actor)

Micah was born in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. As a young child he was influenced greatly by his uncle, who studied as a Buddist preist , but ultimately became film producer. His uncle Kozo Mori was also one of the creators behind the movie character and series "Godzilla." Micah was also much influenced by his stage and film actress aunt Noriko Sengoku; an Akira Kurosawa muse. With her Micah started frequenting local movie theaters beginning at the age of three. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that he partially learned his mother language, Japanese, from “the screen.”

While a high school student Micah formed his own band, and afterward, made his debut on Polydor Records as a singer. He sang the first Hello Kitty character song for Sanrio creator company of Hello Kitty.

After putting an end to his career as a singer, Micah continued in the industry becoming a producer instead of a performer of music. And, although working as a music producer he could not forget nor deny his passion for films. It was during this time he began attending acting workshops, and did so on many, many occasions as his schedule permitted.

Also, long before the current trend among Japanese actors to seek a career in Hollywood Micah aspired to get involved in some capacity in American, English speaking, films. Because of this aspiration he began to study English at NOVA, then the largest English conversation school in Japan. He began at NOVA’s lowermost level. Learning English was extremely difficult for him because by that time he had long lost his ability for natural language acquisition. But, he did not give up. Micah developed his own, proprietary, method of learning and made it to the top English proficiency level, not only at NOVA, but the other major English conversation schools in Japan; Berlitz and Aeon. Today the grammatical, semantic, and kinesthetic approaches he utilized to attain second language fluency draw much interest from English teaching professionals.

Because of his communicative ability in English, and his background in music and entertainment, Micah has worked on many occasions as an interviewer for the media. His credits include interviews for "The Music Now" (an Asahi Broadcasting Corporation music radio program), and the music magazine "Rocking On.” He also as business development coordinator introduced to the Japan market George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound’s THX system. As a performer, Micah served as the bilingual MC for Princess Tenko at Osaka Dome during NTT Docomo Kansai’s World Super Illusion.

Micah has conducted personal interviews of Gorge Lucas, David Bowie, Sir Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Green Day, Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega, Narada Michael Walden, Original Blue Man Group, Aaron Neville, Al Green, Boston, Yes, Kitaro, Robert Moog, Steven Tyler, Mikhail Gorbachev, Steven Seagal, Sir George Martin, Alan Parsons, Seiji Ozawa, John Williams, Phoebe Snow, Sheila E. and many others in his capacity as radio/TV personality, writer, correspondent, and record company representative.

Film acting credits:

Karma (2010) (NY production) for Milan Film Festival.
Rome International Film festival the best short film nominated Film.

Stage acting credits:

Edward Scissorhands As Inventor (2010)

Radio Credits

The Music Now (Asahi Hoso)
Terry Ito no Notteke Radio(Nippon Hoso)
Woodstock Special (FM Fukuoka)

TV Credits

Let’s Go Young (NHK)
Ohayo Studio (Tokyo TV)
The Best Talk (Channel 11 NYC)